26 Nov

BoulderJFest + Colorado Gives Day

We are thrilled that this year, donors in Colorado can support the Boulder Jewish Festival on Colorado Gives Day!

The Festival is a program of Menorah: Arts, Culture & Education, a long-standing nonprofit in the Boulder area. This year for the first time, Menorah will be participating in Colorado Gives Day. The Boulder Jewish Festival can be selected as a donation option on the GivingFirst.org website – here’s how:

  1. Visit the Menorah page at the official Colorado Gives Day website
  2. Click “Donate Now”
  3. Enter the donation amount
  4. Select whether you want to schedule the donation for Colorado Gives Day (12/4/12) – making it eligible for incentive funds from 1st Bank!
  5. Select whether it’s a recurring donation or not
  6. In the Donation Details section, you’ll see “Where do you want your donation directed? and in the box to the right – select “Program” from the drop-down
  7. A new box will appear – select “Boulder Jewish Festival”
  8. Proceed with the rest of the transaction (add to cart, make other donations, checkout).

Since 11/27/12 is Giving Tuesday, you can do both – participate in Giving Tuesday by scheduling a donation to occur on Colorado Gives Day!

The Festival has operated for over 17 years with no paid staff – only a team of volunteers. We appreciate your support!